The virtual home of Artist Davd Curtis Baker




This work began in June 2010 when I heard that there was a retrospective art show of David Baker's at the River Arts Gallery. I drove up to Jackson, New Hampshire, equipment in hand and began shooting video and talking to people. After several months of contacting friends, collectors, artists, and with a lot of help from Mrs. Jerry Baker, the documentary was started. I interviewed 50 people and chose selections from 30. I figured 30 narrators would be plenty!

I gathered close to 2,000 images from Mrs. Baker's photography albums, David's sketchbooks, and from people who have collected the artist's works who sent me images from all over the country and even from Portugal and Canada. Included in the movie are clips from the first person who made a video on David: Perry Conley, a former Valley photographer (Picture This).  From these and other interviews we have the only footage of David demonstrating his vitreous flux technique, of him reading his poetry, and of him being interviewed.

Dickie Tilton (playing keyboard on right), accomplished musician and photographer, and friend of David, generously contributed his magical music from his album, Searcher, which includes music he wrote specifically for his friend.

People in the movie

Mrs. Jerry Baker (David's wife, who passed away in 2015),

Nancy and Ernst Linder (artist's daughter and husband)

Nan White (North Conway painter who past away January 2012)

Cynthia Pfender (art teacher and artist)

Linda Phillips (friend, grant writer for movie)

Perry Conley (photographer and painter)

Kate Delaney Brown and Ernie Brown (artists and close friends)

Sam Robbins,(art collector, who past away 2016)

Maureen Spencer (close friend)

Lisa Surette (artist)

Walter Joly (friend and collector)

Cynthia Johnson, (collector),

Chris Muzerall (Myke Morton's son, both painters and friends of Bakers), Donna Stuart (friend and former model)

Tina White (friend)

Jackie and Dana Bisbee (collectors and friends)

Patrick Richard (learned vitreous flux from David and illustrated in Kathleen Marden's book about Exeter incident),

Fran Woodward Richardson (whose father framed David's early works and she was one of David's students of The Covered Bridge Art School)

Susan May (friend)

Joan Sherman (former owner of the Conway radio station and The Signal newspaper),

Titoune Meuniere (friend and collector)

Dickie Tilton (friend, composer, musician, photographer)

Otis and Terry Port (major donor, journalist, writer, friend)

Kimana Evans (artist)

Kathleen Marden (niece and author of book on Betty and Barney Hill who were abducted by aliens in Exeter, NH.)

Jim McLoughlin (friend and publicist who helped David)

Danny Bianchino (local poet and songwriter)

Kim Beals (collector, artist, friend).