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Excerpts from Blue Tarp by David C Baker


The bell in the studio


I put my brushes down

Climbed the stairs

And found

A stranger at my door

He said, "May I bring in

A Friend?"

A tall man with a cane

Came in - sat down

And said

"Where is David?"

I took his hand

My friend I hadn't

seen in years

Professor of Englilsh

Artist, poet

And blind.

"God damn it," he barked

"Where are the paintings?"

I brought them

One by one

And read each one


Photography of cover by Perry Conley

You can purchase the photo alone at


Expletives such as I've seldom heard

Screamed at me by my friend Seth

The cat

Her tail was caught beneath

the freezer lid

Of course I gave her

The quarter pound of Lox

For a poultice

"What kind of poet was David C Baker?

I'd say a kind one, and certainly

one of a kind."   Judy Faust

A Sprig of Green

An uncommentary


Reflections and shadows

Dissonances and harmony

The seasons

Of being an artist-poet

Still twisting and turning

In a free fall.